Maizono Sayaka
Student Info
Career Maizono
Reputation +Maizono
Club Maizono Club
Age Maizono
Persona Maizono
Crush Maizono
Strength Maizono
Additional Info She's a Maizono.
Sayaka Maizono, or just Maizono, is a super duper sugoi kawaii desu ne OC belonging to Kuromin.


Maizono was born on a land known as Weeaboo Land, a sugoi desu country where everyone speaks Maizono. She is the princesu sugoi desu kawaii desu desu queen of the country, and saw everyone get murdered by a baka baka named Ayano Aishi. She's the last survivor of the Maizono race.

Maizono came to Akademi High so she could avenge her race, and kill that baka once and for all. Maizono-hime is basically the best. she did a sugoi booty call and konichiwa tried to kill a man desu!!



this is an opinion from her husbando naegi kun:

" i bet the language of this laptop is set to maizono " - naegi 2k16

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