Madoka Shizuki
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -6
Club Drama
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush Sora Sosuke
Additional Info None

Madoka Shizuki is an OC owned by Cat The Destroyer.


Madoka Shizuki is a second-year student at Akademi High School, and an original fanon character for Yandere Simulator, created by Cat The Destroyer. She doesn't act as a rival towards Yandere-chan, and rather, tells her she'll keep her mouth shut if Yandere-chan does exactly what she says.


Madoka has short, shoulder-length pink hair with blunt fringe on one half of her face, adorned with a large black ribbon on the back of her head. Her eyes are grey and dull, and she wears red-framed glasses. Her uniform is the default uniform chosen by the player, with thigh-high black stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. Her bust size is 1.


On the outside, Madoka seems like a kind, quiet and soft-spoken young woman, but her way with words attracts those who speak to her. Her speech is philosophical and thoughtful, although the soft tone makes it near inaudible to many. However, on the inside, she's cold and judgemental, resting bitch-face being her default expression, and a numbness to murderous activities. She pretends that murder shocks her, but she's seen enough in violent video games that she's desensitized to it to a degree. Of course, even if it's just a small bit, she DOES get surprised, but offers to keep her mouth shut in return for favours, such as juicy blackmail about her bitchy Drama Club leader, or secrets about the boys she likes. Soon, it gets to the point where the protagonist has to kill the people that Madoka wants dead in return for her silence. She just wants to "give them what they deserve" without getting her hands dirty.


Childhood (up to age 9)

Madoka was a quiet child, working at her parents' dress shop, Hari-Hari-Ito, in Buraza Town. Her parents only had one child, since after her birth, her mother had to have a surgery in which she became sterile. Her grades were good, exceeding most of her classmates at a young age. Ever since she was young, she was bullied for her silence, being called "テープ口" (Tēpu kuchi) or "Tape-Mouth". Considering she had to grow up with them, it's natural she'd despise them at some point, becoming more and more immune to it as the years passed. However, she had always loved acting, despite her soft and rare speech.

Awkward Puberty Years (age 9 to age 14)

As she began to grow up, she began to have a more shortened temper - however, instead of taking it out on the people she hated in school, she took it out through violent video games at her friend's home. Her one friend that she kept at close hand throughout high-school, a sweet boy by the name of Seiji, kept her safe, teaching her to take the hits of bullying and become cold instead of lashing out and becoming violent. She remained involved with drama productions, usually taking background roles, but loving the ability to become someone she wasn't, only for a little while.

High School (age 14 to present, age 17)

Madoka had gone completely numb to bullying, but that didn't change her hatred of the people who constantly used to bully her. Her personality became less angry, and more cold, separated from her friends through interests. She remained a loner, but took a position in the Akademi Drama Club in an attempt to reimmerse herself in acting, becoming friends with the leader almost instantly - well, sort of. Madoka really did NOT like the leader, but the leader was overly cheerful and thought she'd be open to new friends. So Madoka gave her the satisfaction, although she always spends her time searching for the juiciest information to expose her for the whiny bitch she truly is. This is how she adopted the moniker of M-Do - so she could hide her identity and talk shit on her classmates.


Sora Sosuke

He doesn't know who Madoka is, but he could be considered Madoka's equivalent of a "senpai". She stalks him occasionally and lacks any regret.

Sachiyo Ruri

The two are fair friends, and she can entrust Sachiyo with most of her secrets. The two have had lively conversations outside of school time.

Fumio Hisuke

She doesn't know Fumio as well as she could, but she knows that he's a friend of Sachiyo's. She can't trust him yet, but she's alright with him.


7:15: Walks to school. Close to the back of the students who enter.

7:17: Hangs outside the school on her cell phone until 7:20.

7:20: Goes inside, grabbing things from her locker.

7:30: Goes into the fountain room, staring at the people inside.

7:45: Walks to class 2-2.

1:00: Goes upstairs to rooftop, sits alone on bench.

1:30: Goes downstairs, to class.

3:30: Goes to Drama Club, goes to library on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

5:00-6:00: Drama Club activities on Monday and Thursdays.

6:00: Goes home.


Refer to me as M-Do - you don't need to know my name just yet. I'm in your school. You don't know me, but I know you. I know what you do. And I've watched you do it. Listen; I'm prepared to make you a proposition. I've watched you commit murder. Osana Najimi, right? Well, for a while, I was prepared to report you, but then I realized...I could use this. So...I'm prepared to keep my silence. Just so long as you do me a...favour.
—Madoka, via text message, when she meets the protagonist
Very nice. I can use this. Heh...but remember; next time you commit murder, it'll take more to keep me quiet.
—Madoka, after receiving information on the Drama Club leader
Wow, you really can't keep your knife to yourself? Heh, fair. So...remember when I said it'll take more to keep me quiet this time? Well, now, I want you to find information on a boy. Take a picture of him and send it to me, and I'll tell you if he's the one. If I don't have it by the end of the week...kiss your freedom goodbye.
—Madoka, after the protagonist's second kill
Kyaaa, really? This is GOLDEN! Thanks. I owe you one. time...oh, boy, will it be a workout.
—Madoka, after getting information about Sora Sosuke
Let me make this as simple as possible. I saw you killing someone else. I warned you that this would be a challenge. So guess what? You're gonna kill someone for me. And this time, I have a bit more of a...reward for you. You kill who I want dead, and I'll take care of that rival of yours. Heh, sounds good, right? Get to it.
—Madoka, after your third kill


  • Madoka's name was based off Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, chosen because of her hair colour.
  • She was originally designed to be a rival, but in all honesty, she doesn't find Senpai attractive.
  • She can be considered a dandere in some aspects, with the socially aloof and distant attitude.
  • She has a crush on Sora Sosuke, who's involved in her Drama Club, but figures that Sora doesn't like her back, so she doesn't bother with pursuing him directly. However, she stalks him occasionally.
  • Her is


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