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Art by Po-Zu

Hi, Luo Aino is Owned by Bell´Dan please ask before you using it. Grammar/Spelling Fixing is OK

'Luo Aino is a fanon student in Yandere Simulator.'She is a Exchange student from china


Luo has Red Pigtails and Orange Eyes

Her Brust size is 1.7


If she discover a Corpse or wittness a Murder she will Run to a Teacher and Bring the Teacher to the Corpse


7:00-8:00 Go to her locker change her shoes and go to the Art Club

8:00-1:00 At Classroom 2-1

1:00-1:30 Goes to the Student Coucil meeting

1:30-3:30 At Classroom 2-1

3:30-6:00 Goes to the Art Club or Student Coucil Room and do her Activity




Shiori Ayaka:Good Friends


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