Lucinda walters is the head of supervision and will stop at nothing to stop crime at school.     

Lucinda Walters
Lucinda Walters
Student Info
Career Head supervisor
Reputation -10
Club faculty
Age mid 40's
Persona Extremely strict
Crush none
Additional Info Lucinda is the strongest adult at the school

She is originally from America

she is the head of supervision.

TAMMIE TASHAMI is her daughter

Personality and occupation

Lucinda is an extremely strict person, she willl notice yandere-chan faster and at a longer distance.  since she is a supervisor, if she finds a mysterious corpse, bloody weapon, or bloodstain she will call the police, then call the other supervisors to guard the evidnce. if yandere chan approaches, they will ask her to leave. If yandere chan refuses to leave 5 times, they will expell her for not obeying.  If yandere chan has the answer sheet and walks pass a supervisor, they will notice the paper and confinscate it then expell her.  if the supervisors catch yandere-chan ditching or being late for class. they will escort her to their class.  1st time caught, dragged to class, lose no extra points  2nd time caught, dragged to class, lose 2 study points plus late penalty  3rd-4th time caught, dragged to the counselor's office  5th time caught, expelled


At 7:00 AM- 7:15 AM She and the other supervisors will hang out in the faculty room At 7:15 AM- 8:30 AM She will patrole the entire 1st floor ( including plaza )  At 8:30- 11:00 AM she will patrole Floors 2 and 3  At 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM she will rest at the faculty lunchroom  At 12:00 PM- 2:00 PM she will Patrole the rooftop  At 2:00 PM- 3:00 PM She will patrole the second floor  3:00 PM- 6:00 PM she and the other supervisors will walk around the entire school ( including club rooms )


  • Masuyo Kasumi-   Masuyo is the newest recruit. She jokes around alot, Lucinda keeps trying to get her to be more serious </li></li>
  • Tammie Tashami-  Lucinda's daughter, She will be very protective of her, She will not allow her to have a boyfriend. Since Tammie developes a small crush on Senpai, one of her elimination methods will be revealing to Lucinda, Tammie's crush. Getting her in deep trouble. Tammie will also run off to tell her mom after witnessing murder. </li> </li>
  • Yandere-Chan Lucinda is one of Yandere-chan's biggest threats. Yandere-chan needs to get rid of her to easily kill Tammie</li></li>
  • Tamo Tashami- Lucinda's ex husband


    " What are you doing outside of class? Follow me. "

    " You're late again...? come on lets go! "

    " this is getting tiring... You're coming with me to the counselor's office... "

    " You need to get it together! one more time and its drastic measures "

    " THATS IT! YOU'RE COMING WITH ME NOW! - Warnings for being caught out of class

    " Leave now... "

    " get along! this doesn't concern you... "

    " if you dont leave, we wont have no choice but to report "

    " WHAT ARE YOU? DEAF? YOU WILL BE EXPELLED FOR DISOBEYING " - warnings for disobeying

    " whats that you have...? Whats this? YOU WERE GOING TO CHEAT? NOT ON MY WATCH! you're gonna be expelled for this! " - when being confinscated with the cheat sheet


    Extra information

    Lucinda was born in California, Malibu. she was raised by her parents. Growing up she went to Milonza elementary, Malhumorat middle, Toesighouer high, and Kati hara university.

    Her maiden name is Walters  She was married to Tamo Tashami. They had one child, Tammie Tashami who currently attends Akademi high as a senior.  Three years after Tammie's birth, Lucinda and Tamo divorced, then Tammie lived with Tamo. tamo died from illness, shortly after Tammie's first year at akademi high. After that Lucinda moved to Baruza town to take care of her daughter.

    Lucinda does smoke


    </li> </li>

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