Logan is a foreigner that attends Akademi Highschool, a extremely annoying one in fact. Just like Midori, he makes stupid questions. 

He is not that smart, but he is a great fighter since he is part of the Martial Arts Club, which he was invited to join to learn self-defense so he wouldn't get made fun of for being a complete idiot, but he already is, he just doesn't notice it. He is overly friendly and extremely fun to be around if you like to pull pranks and break the rules, he also constantly follows around a person if he considers them a friend.

He can't stay still for one minute, he is extremely energetic and wild, he is always running around like a dog. The thing about him is that he is too innocent and dense to know if someone is hating him or loving him. If you insult him, he'll think you're being sarcastic, if you ask him out, he'll think it's a prank and laugh. He can be rude but not noticing he is.

He doesn't know ANYTHING at all about the japanese culture, but is in love with anime, manga and the country itself, making him a total weeaboo. He sometimes shout out words in english but mainly talks japanese so other people can understand him.

He loves to joke around with serious situations, making him a complete asshole of himself without noticing it.

He is extremely sensitive about gore, crying and puking when seeing alot of blood or a mutilated corpse, a extreme reaction to violence, because of a trauma that he has of seeing his dog die right in front of him.


He is a tanned-skin blonde with bright blue eyes, with squishy cheeks and a adorable blush. He is seemed to be the danguro style even though he is not japanese. He is tall and has a squared body, not curvy one bit, the only curvy thing on him is his butt. He seems to love to carry around his necklace, which is orange. His uniform is a white button shirt, only one of the buttons isn't closing and it shows his necklace. He uses large and blue pants and last, he uses running shoes, one that other students don't use.


  1. He comes from America.
  2. He already been in a relationship with a man, it worked out horribly wrong.
  3. He is a cat lover and a dog lover.
  4. He likes spicy food.
  5. His older sister's hobby and stealing stuff from him.
  6. His hobbies are rescueing stray animals and stealing the neighbour's baby cat sometimes.
  7. A music to describe his relationship with his mother is You're a Useless Child (Kikuo - 君はできない子)
  8. His parents divorced before he was born, makes his mother think he was the reason.
  9. His first pet was a dog that died by getting hit by a car.
  10. He moved to japan and into a private school because he was getting bullied at his former american public school. His biggest fear is that this happens again in the japanese school he worked so hard to get in, so he is always smiling to keep bad people away from him.
  11. He does not like alcohol and is extremely sensitive to it's smell and taste, so he prefers soft drinks.

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