Lindsay Kingsland
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 55
Club Gaming, Art
Age 17
Persona Yandere-ish
Crush She's married, but she is a Yandere to Senpai.
Additional Info
Well, this school seems nic-Oh, hello...Now there's a target...
— Upon first seeing Senpai.

Lindsay is a Fanon 17-year old OC student at Akademi High School, exchanged from an unknown location somewhere in America. Her parents and family were left behind, because she ran away from home with her husband, Jerry Smith. She is in the Gaming and Art clubs.


She ran away from home because her family didn't want her dating Jerry, a former murderer that was never convicted for his crimes. Once she ran away, she got a boat and eventually made her way to Akademi High School, where she went to finish school from where she left off. Because she dated a lot of guys even while dating Jerry, when she saw Senpai, she was determined to make him hers, to maybe even have a harem of guys.


Lindsay, outside of her Yandere-ish ways, is sarcastically sweet and loyal to what little friends she has. She even has a mysterious element about her, as no one knows where exactly she came from and how exactly she got to Akademi High.


None yet, though she secretly is planning Yandere-Chan's breaking up with Senpai so she can make her move on her.


  • Lindsay was first an FNAF OC, and even has bits and pieces of FNAF-like lore in her story (cannibalism, murderous ways, etc.)
  • If she appears in game, she will never get scared if you murder someone: she'll even talk to you normally afterwards.

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