Kyuti Supotsu
Biological Gender

Female Female


She She

Personal Status

No club, but only until Sports Club is back

Educated in

Akademi High







Kyuti Supotsu is an OC created by Telts23.


Kyuti is a very sporty girl. She always never passes up a chance to work out. She is always described to be not only sporty, but also a good companion, funny, and understanding. She doesn't come from a good family, though. Her father left her and her mother when Kyuti was only 4. Before Kyuti's dad left, he and Kyuti were very close. She wishes is to find her dad and play with him at least once again.

Kyuto is a Hero. She takes death very badly, becouse she never wants anyone to lose someone they love. In the future she wants to be either an athlete or a police officer.


She walks into the school grounds at 7:05. She runs to the lockeroom and changes to her gym uniform. By 7:15, she reaches the track and starts running laps. She stops at 7:45 and then goes changes back to her school uniform. She goes to her locker (in school), which she'll reach by 7:55, and lingers there for five minutes. She then walks into Classroom 3-2 and sits by her desk. At 1:00, she hasn't got time to run, so she goes to the fountain and talks to Senpai, who is her best friend (no feelings though, so she isn't a rival). At 1:25 she starts to walk back to class. At 3:30, she goes and changes to her gym uniform, to go running. She reaches the track by 3:35. She runs there 'til 4:05, then goes and changes her clothes. She then start running towards the school gate. She exits the school grounds at 4:13.

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