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Warning: There are references to sex in the following content. If you are uncomfortable with this topic, please refrain from reading it.

Kyoko was born to a loving, unmarried couple. Since her parents were not married, by Japan's laws, Kyoko had to take her mother's surname, Makoto. Her parents could hardly afford to have a child, so they would save up for a wedding. 5 years later, Kyoko's parents could finally afford to get married. However, the night before Kyoko's parents were to get married, they were late at work, so Kyoko and her cousins were at their house, waiting for them to get home. However, there was a fire, and Kyoko's mother and father died in the fire searching for each other. Kyoko chose to live with Akimi and their parents after hearing the news. Ever since Akimi and Kyoko became incredibly close and they helped each other through whatever struggles they faced.

From a young age, she always knew she liked girls, but never really thought much of it until junior high. Around this time, she asked her cousin, Akimi (who was struggling with their gender identity at the time, which she was helping them with), and they told her that it was more than okay.

Kyoko also had a lot of issues with her appearance, seeing herself as ugly and unattractive. Her main problems were with her facial features and weight. She conceals changes the imperfection in her face by wearing loads of makeup. with her weight, however, was the tricky part for her; she dreaded exercise and enjoys unhealthy foods too much, making it vastly difficult for her to lose weight; so, she started wearing corsets to hide her physique and make herself more attractive.

After watching a few lesbian pornographies, Kyoko became more and more interested in sex. She snuck into a bar and passed well as someone over 20. She had sex with a random woman and loved it; it made her feel attractive, feel great, feel good about herself, and the list of the good things goes on. She, to this day, chases the feelings she had with that woman by flirting with any and every female she sees that gives her her consent, not caring about what anyone says or thinks of her; she just wants to feel good again, which means having sex with women.


Kyoko has long charcoal grey hair with magenta at the ends of her hair which are usually donned up into long twin tails and held up with two pink ribbons. She has messy bangs that nearly go into her pink eyes. She keeps them back with two hairpins; a pink one and a black one. She has a very small, childlike look to her, her facial features looking a bit childish and her being short for her age, standing at 5'2". She's quite a bit chubbier than most as well, weighing 160 lbs. However, she hides this by wearing a corset. Her bust size is very large, being 2 if she were in-game.

In school, Kyoko wears the first female uniform, unless customised. Outside of school, Kyoko tends to wear skimpier clothing, such as very short skirts and shorts, tops that show off her boobs, etc. She also tends to wear quite a bit of makeup, both inside and outside of school.


Kyoko is insanely perverted towards female students, almost to the point where it could be considered sexual harassment. She commonly says incredibly dirty pick-ups lines to them, which are also rather blunt and not vague at all. This commonly annoys and angers a lot of the female students.

Kyoko's persona is Social Butterfly, meaning that she runs away and gossips about the murderer if she witnesses one.


Kyoko has two tasks.

Yuri Hentai

Kyoko will ask you for some yuri manga/hentai, due to her losing her's. She will ask you to buy some for her (in her words, "the more nudity, the better"). She will give you 500 yen in return.

Panty Shots

Kyoko will complain about how she "has no more enjoyable panty shots", and will ask for a minimum of five of them. The more you get, the better. If you get 5-7, she will give you 50 yen. If you give her 8-10, she will give you 750 yen. If you give her more than 10, she will give you 1250 yen in return.


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Akimi Makino ~ WIP

Aunt and Uncle ~ WIP


Atsumi Iwasaki ~ They are friends, but both of them also have a sensation of lust when near each other. However, one of them is too shy to make a move to the other.

Rara' and 'Joshu Mia ~ When Kyoko first saw Rara, she blushed and took photos (and panty shots) of her.

Joshu tried everything from flirting to giving gifts to impress Kyoko (he didn't know she is a lesbian until later, but she screamed ""Fuck you dickhead, I hate dudes like you! I'm not in love with you! I'm in love with girls only!" Joshu started to dislike her.

Rara flirted with Kyoko a lot. Kyoko would always say to Rara: you're so freaking hot Rara! *whispers* I'm horny so lets have sex," Rara dislikes it but she still flirted with Kyoko. When Rara found out Kyoko had sex with many girls, she called her a slut and started to dislike her.