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1:She went too far!

Dear diary,

Today was mostly good! We had lots of fun during P.E and maths was quite intresting. We learnt about multiplying fractions. It was quite hard. But I managed :3. The thing that ruined the only good day in my life was her. Amayakasa Gaki.

It wasn't the occasional words and insults. She actually started beating me up. I just cried and cried, it was horrible! Amaya went too far this time, and even I'M not going to let this continue. Try it again and she'll be in the grave before Friday. I'm not putting up with this.

2:I'm ashamed of myself.

Dear diary,

I placed a flower on her desk and she's alive. I can't believe it. And I framed another girl for doing it! I feel like I'm insane reading what I've written.I don't have much time today. I'm going shopping! I hope nothing happens to my diary while I'm away.

I'm back. I actually enjoyed myself way more then I thought. We bought sweets! I ate a few and passed my sister some too. I thought some were too sticky. Ew! I really hope Amaya's ok after what I did.

3:Nothing makes sense!

Dear diary,

Someone started shoving me into the fountain.At least other people were on my side. Weirdly, Amaya has left me alone. I wonder why... Anyway,lessons were EXTREMELY hard and the tests made no sense. I don't get it.

I heard a knock on my door a second ago, all I saw was a note. It said I was going to die. Not if i kill them first.I don't want to leave home now. I'm still worried about the flower though.