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Kyoki Nokami
Kyoki Nokami
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation -10
Club Occult Club
Age 18
Persona Devoted/Pervert
Crush Senpai, Sho Kunin
Additional Info Gay; Sadistic; Pretty much the biggest outcast you could ever meet.


Kyoki is a very evil individual. He loves seeing his classmates suffer (other than his crushes of course). He's a very sadistic person. He has been a very outcasted person his whole life. He also really likes to look at hentai and lewd manga, of course, it's all yaoi. This gives him his pervert trait.


Kyoki wears the default school uniform, unless otherwise picked by the player. He also wears the Occult club moon choker. He has a cyan eye and a light bluey-green eye. His hair is a lavender color. He uses the same model as all of the other male characters.

When sadistic and insane, both of his eyes turn a dark red. 


Kyoki was sexually abused by his mother when a child, thus his strong dislike in women. He never knew his father. He was also neglected. Kyoki was always bullied for one thing or another at his school. He was an outcast of the outcasts. This is the source of his sadistic personality, as he wanted to see everyone who made fun of him in ultimate suffering. At the age of 7, Kyoki had beaten a kid up and sent down to the headmaster. This is where he met Oka Ruto. They then became the best of friends. They were always there for each other. Moving on to his second year of high school, he met Sho Kunin. This is where his massive crush towards Sho began. He eliminated everyone he could (girl, boy, or otherwise) to keep Sho free. He tried to show his friend all of his feelings, but Sho was always oblivious, thinking nothing of the romantic actions.


Oka Ruto

Kyoki is good friends with Oka. They have been childhood friends since the age of 7. Oka knows about Kyoki's sadistic personality and sees nothing wrong with the situation, thus still being his friend.

Occult Club Members

Kyoki gets along well with the members of the Occult club. They don't know about his true nature.


Kyoki is classmates with Senpai, and has always had a slight crush on him. Senpai knows nothing of his existence however.

Sho Kunin

Best friends since Kyoki's second year of high school. Kyoki has always had a crush on Sho, but Sho hasn't noticed his best friend's feelings towards him. Kyoki is a Yandere to Sho, and will do anything within his power to make Sho his.

Yandere Chan

Will only become friends with Yandere-Chan if he sees her bloody, armed, insane, murdering, etc. He will realise that they share similar traits and decides that they could help each other out. Yandere-Chan knows of his crush on Senpai, but sees no threat as Kyoki is more towards Sho Kunin.


7:00-7:15 - Comes into school and goes to locker

7:15-7:25 - Tries to get Oka to stop stalking the Basu sisters

7:25-8:15 - Gives up and goes to talk to Sho

8:15-8:30 - Goes to class

8:30-1:00 - In class (3-2)

1:00-1:25 - Eats lunch with Oka and Sho

1:25-1:32 - Runs to class (late everyday)

1:35-3:30 - In class (3-2)

3:30-4:00 - Watches everyone clean up while talking to Oka

4:00-5:00 - In Occult club

5:00-5:50 - Tries to summon a demon (and fails)

5:50-6:00 - At locker

6:00 - Walks home with Oka and Sho


  • Kyoki's name translated to English means: God of insanity
  • Kyoki is in class 3-2
  • If Kyoki had to choose a girl to date, he would date Kuu Dere
  • Kyoki's birthday is October 4th
    • This makes him a Libra
  • His favorite food is lime jello
  • Has PTSD and Sadistic Personality Disorder
  • Scored a 7 on the Mary-Sue test
  • His favorite color is brown
  • Favorite animal is a cat
  • Kyoki's original look was blonde with both cyan eyes
  • Kyoki's creator: MikaIsConfused


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