Kyo Daisuke is CalimTheCrystalGem's OC and a male student on Akademi High School.


Kyo uses the default school uniform, unless customized. He has a short yellow hair and green eyes. However, when he isn't wearing school uniform, he is mostly wearing pajamas. He also has freckles.

The lens that he uses while being on Science Club is brown-colored.


7:05 AM - Walks into the school grounds playing on an aqua blue 3DS.

7:10 AM - Changes his shoes.

7:15 AM - Walks and plays on the Gaming Club.

8:00 AM - Walks into Classroom 3-1.

1:00 PM - Plays on his 3DS with the other boys on the cafeteria.

5:30 PM - Stays on the Science Club with his brown lenses.

5:40 PM - Changes his shoes and walks out of the school.

Currently, if you gossip to Pippi and Ryuto about Kyo, on the next day before school, they will discuss in the Computer Lab. The discussion will end up up with Kyo having to leave the Science Club. After that, he will stay on the Gaming Club after school until leaving the school.


Kyo has the Trickster persona, meaning that he will act as Evil when seeing a murderer killing, but will try to defeat the murderer like a Heroic while it is not looking.

He used his trickster skills to fool the Gaming Club President into thinking that he wasn't on a club while he was already on the Science Club, thus making him join two clubs. He is also a friendly and funny yet strict guy, judging by his quotes.


"Woops! Sorry!" While bumping into him while he is looking at his 3DS

"OH, MY....That....was beautifull!" While seeing a murderer killing someone

"Not!" While running to fight with the murderer


  • His name means "Approval great helper".
  • His original zodiac sign was Cancer, but ever since it changed, he is now a Gemini.