Kurono Geijutsu is ChronoStory's second OC.


Kurono's has short and messy dark blue hair that is dyed. She wears purple contacts. She has a skull hairpin.

She wears the school uniform #5 with black legging unless customized, and the Occult Club choker.

Her real hair color is black and her real eye color is brown.


Kurono comes off as a quiet person, not because she is shy. But because she simply doesn't care. She doesn't talk to other students and she doesn't bother to answer anyone who trys to speak with her since she doesn't care about what they have to say. The only exceptions are any of the Occult Club members.

Despite her quiet nature, she isn't afraid to speak her mind whether it being blunt or not.


Canon Characters

  • Yandere-chan: She finds her stalking Taro countless times. She finds her strange because of this.
  • Senpai: She doesn't bother even looking at him.
  • Mei Mio: Classmates.
  • Ryusei Koki: Classmates.
  • Inkyu Basu: Classmates.
  • Oka Ruto: She respects Oka. She does find Oka as being delusional at times.

My OCs

Other OCs

  • Hatsukoi Ruto: The two of them are good friends and can often be found chatting with other.


  • Her name means "Black Arts".
  • Her hair is messy because she rarely brushes it.
  • Her classroom is 2-2.


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