Kuramaeda Kuro is a male student that attends Akademi Highschool.

Kuramaeda Kuro.
Kuramaeda face
Staff Info
Career None.
Club Computer Club.
Age 16.
Persona Devoted.
Crush None, looking for one.


At first he looks like the most feminine and cute guy you'll ever see, taking selfies, loving pink and cute stuff, a massive shota, shorts instead of pants in uniform and makeup. Always talking a little higher, very nice hair and the most adorable and random poses ever.

But if you start to get to know him, you see he is extremely possessive and dominant, a complete sadist. He i'll attack without hesitation if you touch one finger on who he is interested in, stalking and being a complete creep to his "lover".


When normal, he is very cute. In his normal uniform, soft pale skin, makeup, cute round blue eyes and dark and cute hair, just a normal and average boy..

When crazy, his hair gets extremely messy and his eyes go crazy.

His uniform is a blue short, white button shirt, blue jacket with golden buttons, blue ribbon, stripped socks and black shoes.


  • He hides no secrets, he doesn't care if they know about his crazy side or not, if they don't tell anyone, they are completely safe and sound.. And obviously if they don't steal what belongs to Kuro.
  • If there was a actual serious anime based of Yandere Simulator and he was part of it, his seiyuu would be Hanae Natsuki.


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