He is kind, sweet, caring and compassionate, he always wears a smile wherever he goes and he tries his best to make everyone happy. Even as an adult/teen he carries a plush bear from childhood around with him so he might get bullied for this. Kurīmī is very childish. He also HATES VESTS with a passion


Purin and Kiti decided to have kids and thus he was born.



Kodomo Venom - He is kurimi's boyfriend he really likes ko and domo kind of scares him but he likes domo too

Iga Ruan - Iga lusts for him for whatever reason ....He doesn't like this much

Napori Dezāto - they get along really well they are always doing things together, she is his sister

Kityo Dezāto - His sister she hates him but he tries to get her to open up and be more happy

Purin Dezāto - His dad he loves his dad to death his dad is protective of him

Kiti Tsume - His mom she teaches him about things ...she's not a very good mom XD

Kisekae codes





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