Koyuki Hanazawa
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Unknown
Age Sixteen
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None
Koyuki Hanazawa is Blue-Ribbonz first OC, and a fanon/non-canon character.


Koyuki's appearance is slightly jumbled for her Japanese nationality, her natural brown hair is died a slightly more fancy shade resembling aurburn, and is kept in two pigtails which hang loosely down her chest, stopping in the middle of her ribcage. Her eyes are a jumble of colours, and are almost unidentifiable, however most tend to call it grey since life is easier that way.

She stands at 5'2", with a weight of 49kg. Her physique is rather square, and she isn't as shaped as most other females tend to be, however who can care about appearances when they have a bunch of dreams to tend to, am I right?


Koyuki is a sweet natured female with a bit too much standard for everything. The majority of her time is spent dreaming about the future in an almost childish sense, and often at times will neglect the real world. If socialised with, Koyuki often will not be quite with it, but will try to behave in a friendly manner, however she's easily distracted and as such it'll be hard to keep her in a conversation.

Her standards for the real world are much wider than the actual place itself, for example in her mind anybody can be anything, and schooling isn't something that matters too much.

All is all, she's a ditsy dreamer with extremely high expectations and a short attention span.


Meh, i'll get to this later ~


  • She was created the 3rd of February, 2016


Coming soon, I guess?


(School uniform, thumbnail picture)


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