(Konami Seiko is a WIP Joke OC owned by THELEGENDGIANTDAD, Chariotdude, Lord Regent Iceberg, NyanTheCatAnimatronic, and NaviDrowned. Darn, thats a long list!)

Konami Seiko is the worst human being of all fucking time. They will manipulate anyone to get ahead, and ditch them at the first opportunity when they have outlived their use. Konami Seiko is also probably a Trump Supporter.


Konami Seiko is a hunched over, frail Japanese man with a long, hooked nose. His few strands of hair are slicked back, and both of his ears are pierced. He wears a coat made out of the skin of baby seals and dalmatian puppies, with a fur collar. Under this he wears the tuxedo that he stole from a dead body.


Konami Seiko at first appears as a nice little old man, but within minutes you will realize how little human emotion he actually has. He only cares for money, which he spends on hookers that he later kills. He also rarely tells the truth, and takes great fun in ruining peoples life and/or making people kill themselves.


  • Konami Seiko is based off of the disgusting pile of shit company Konami
  • Konami Seiko often records himself strangling kittens
  • Konami Seiko has an entire room of his mega-mansion filled with Nazi flags, uniforms, and guns.

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