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Komaeda Jr



Humanoid Bagel


Bagel Club

Personal Status



Strawberry Imouto, LenLawliet, Miraculous Trash, Lord Regent Iceberg.

Additional Info
Some speculate he is a bagel in human form, but only a fool would believe that.

Komaeda Jr was the love child of Strawliet.

He lived a happy life along with his sister SomethingYuno, who had unfortunately despised him as a child. However later on she grew to like him.

He gained an interest towards plotting and weaponry, this inspired him to strive to become a weapons engineer.

Komaeda Jr excelled in his dream and became a major industry, but alas his success was short-lived.

A war broke out when the Strawliet Empire collapsed, leaving overworked as the demand for weapons higher.

He became fatigued due to being overworked, which cause him to get slaughtered in the line of duty. The wounds he received were fatal and ultimately ended his life.

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