An OC adopt by Bl00ky
Komaeda Asahina
Kanji コマエダ アサヒナ
Rōmaji Asahina Komaeda
Alias Bagel-chan



General Information
Race Human
Sex Female
Pronouns She
Age 16
Birthday April 24th
Sexuality Bisexual
Scholar Information
Persona Bagel Doughnut
Reputation 10
Club Bagel Club
Crush Bagels and Doughnuts
Relationship Single
Status Alive

Komaeda Asahina is an OC created by users Kuro-sempai, Peri-sempai, and Weeaboo-kohai. Credit to Cybrile for the adopt.


Komaeda has red hair that is pulled up into a ponytail with dark red eyes. She wears a black shirt with black and white sleeves that say "Sleep Deprive" in a white box. She also wears black pants with black and white high tops. Outside of school, she wears a shirt with a bagel and a doughnut. As her sleepwear, she wears a bagel and doughnut night shirt with shorts.


Komaeda is very protective of bagels and doughnuts because she thinks that they save lives. She often makes protests for protection of the bagels and doughnuts, and will start throwing random things she can find if someone starts eating one of them in front of her. She said that she's the only one who can eat them. Komaeda has the Bagel Doughnut persona, which means that she will throw doughnuts and bagels at the murderer if they commit murder infront of her.

W.I.P ~ Kuro-sempai Weeb-kohai and Peri-sempai

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