Kokona Haruka in SenpaiX's fanon is a prostitute that works for the Yakuza gang in Japan. Her father is the leader.

This fanon is weird as hell and is incredibly bad. I made it because Kokona deserves shitty headcanons.


The police killed her mother when she was once in home and the police wanted her father. The police tried to get in and arrest him but her father wasn't at home in and Kokona refused to open any entrance to the house. Later, The police shot a bullet that went through one of the window and killed her mother. Her mother was also a bitch and had 800+ childs.


She started working with her father's illegal organization once she was 16. She was a drug dealer and was a prostitute.

Even more

  • That bitchy gang is real. and exists in other series of games.
  • I hate it because they always kill me once I go to their district.

    The leader of the Yakuza organization, 1998. He still looks the same but was killed by me on 2009. Don't thank me.

  • Her father calls me "Kosai" on the phone whenever I phone him. His daughter is engaged in Enjo Kosai. That's why I put her in.
  • I killed her father while finishing a game in 2009. I was a kid. Her father is killed like a weak chicken.