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Kokona Haruka
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -150, formerly +13
Club Drama
Age 18
Persona Clingy/Damsel
Crush Senpai
Strength Incapable of self-defense
Emoticon :(
Additional Info Currently dead.
Kokona Haruka was a female student in Akademi High. She was driven to suicide by bullying caused by Ayano Aishi.


She was extremely shy and fearful, and found it difficult to trust anyone, even her own friends. She was a pushover that felt powerless in bad situations. She tried to hide her troubles behind a smile so no one would worry, but it wasn't hard to see the truth.


Saki Miyu: She was her best friend and closest confidant. She was the only one Kokona genuinely trusted. (WIP)

Budo Masuta: He was a good friend of hers, but she was oblivious to his feelings for her. (WIP)


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