She has long curly fries hair thats purple. She has dark purple eyes and wears the #1 uniform and can't be customized because she loves her uniform too much.


Kokona is a bitch. If she sees people talking to yandere-chan she'll go crazy and gossip about them making them loose rep. She will kill of she needs too. She is not bitchy around her crushes though.


" Hey! Yandere chan wanna hang? "

- Yandere chan talking to her

" Ohh you're the one who killed [insert student name]! Hey what's up! "

- Talking to her after she witnessed Yandere chan murder

" *Whispers* I like her and all but eh.. YANDERE CHAN! *Runs* "

- After witnessing Yandere chan murder

" Anything for you my kawai-... I mean fellow friend! ^^ "

- Yandere chan asking her for a task

" Um *Blushes* Yandere chan... Can you like....... G-go? "

- After Yandere chan witnessing her naked

" Woah! Yum is that tomato sauce? "

- After seeing Yandere Chan with blood on her


  • Her favorite food is tomato sauce
  • She loves spicy stuff (Like food)
  • Her favorite drink is apple juice

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