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Osana Najimi HalfBody
♥ STOP RIGHT THERE! This page belongs to Baedere's Fanon.♥

ANY of this is not canon except there (well maybe a little). If you complain ANY of this, you're gonna have a bad time...♥


Kokona Haruka wears the default female uniform, unless otherwise customized by the player.

Kokona Haruka has purple fancy twin drills and matching eyes. Her bust is 2 (DD cup).

She's curvy and has an average height and weight.


Her persona is Social Coward (Social Butterfly in Canon). The Social Coward persona is affected by atmosphere. In high/medium atmosphere, student with this persona run to the nearest group and call the cops. In low atmosphere or having witnessed the murder of 2 people before they can reach the destination, they pray for safety and promise not to call the cops. They will talk to the murderer if the school atmosphere was low, but will lower your reputation if other students notice their fear.

Like Sora, she's a shy and sensitive person but unlike him, she's a gentile and sweet person, always offering to help people.


Canon Characters

Riku Soma: He has a crush on her and is her suitor. She's attracted to his purple hair and glasses.

Haruto Yuto: She's attracted to his piercing.

Daku Atsu: She's attracted to his glasses.

Study-kun A: She's attracted to his slick hair.

Shintaro Ao: She's attracted to his wisdom/intelligence.

Yandere-chan: Rivals.

Saki Miyu: Her best friend and subordinate.

Sora Sosuke: He has a crush on her, however he cannot be considered as a suitor.


Other OCs

My OCs



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