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Momoka Koharu

桃花 心春


momoka koharu


Really Weird Violinist


Human (Japanese)


Female Female


She She




July 14

Astrological Sign

Cancer Cancer


Social Butterfly


Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status

Light Music Club

Educated in

Akademi High




Kaisho Abe

Personal Status


Additional Info
Plays the violin

Based off of Miyazono Kaori, Your Lie in April (Shigatsu was Kimi no Uso)

Koharu Momoka is ThatOtakuAuthor's ninth OC, and can be modded into the game if her hair and the uniform is too, otherwise, it is impossible.


Koharu was born with bone marrow failure. But thanks to early treatment, she was cured at age 5. She started playing the violin after seeing Kaisho play the piano at a recital her friend performed at.


Koharu has a faded blonde hair color. She has unkempt hair reaching a little past her shoulders. A little portion of hair falls down the middle of her forehead. She has blue eyes. She wears a uniform which consists of a white collared polo shirt, overalls, and a red ribbon. Her bust size is 1.8 .


Koharu is a sweet girl, often talking about sweets and candies. She loves to talk, and she is very optimistic. She often cheers up Kaisho when he's down, as she secretly has a crush on him.



7:05 Comes in the school behind Kaisho

7:10 Comes to her locker, hopeful that Kaisho had left a note. Then to walk off disappointed.

7:15-8:00 Watches Kaisho play the piano, occasionally practicing with him if there is a competition coming up.

8:00 Heads to class 1-1.

8:30-1:00 Sits in class.

1:00 Sits on the rooftop to eat lunch with Kaisho.

1:30-3:30 Sits in class.

3:30 Heads home to her parent's bakery.

Task 1

Koharu will ask you to buy her some canelés.

Um, I'm really craving some sweets right now. May you please run down to my parent's shop and get me canelés?

Accept the task: Oh, thank you! Here's the money.

Deny the task: Oh, well. I would have given you money.

After completion: Mmm! Those look so tasty right now! Thanks a lot! *giggles*

Koharu will now leave if you ask.

Task 2

Koharu will ask you to ask Kaisho if he likes anybody.

Um, I think I can trust you after you bought me some canelés. Can you go see if Kaisho likes anybody?

Accept the task: Thank you so much! I hope he likes a certain someone.

Deny the task: Oh well, I thought you would do it after what happened. Thanks anyway,

After completion: He likes... me?! Wow, thank you!

Koharu will now follow you, and distract someone for you.


  • This OC, as well as Kaisho Abe were created to help their creator get over the feels of a certain anime.

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