Koharu Hinata is a character in the game Yandere Simulator and a silly thread by PrismaCube.


Old: Koharu Hinata has green hair styled in pigtails. Her bangs are spiky and parted. Her eyes are a darker green. She wears the default uniform unless customized. Her bust size is unimportant pervert, She currently has a gorilla mask stuck on her face.

Current: PrismaCube had her hair bleached and colored in crayon. her face was also covered in sharpy.

Briefly: she had a gorilla mask glued on her face.

Briefly: Her hair has a hastily made yellow streaks in it, her face has sharply and glue, the sharp made to look like she's smiling along with exposed skin on her face do to the glue on the gorilla mask being torn of her so fast.

Briefly: she was turned into a little sister from Bioshock.


In the beginning Koharu was a protagonist type character who was ready to help people and was invested with Haruto and Supana in defeating yandere chan and exposing her as an evil villain yandere and saving her fellow students.. Then PrismaCube decided to run for president of Japan...won....and Told her she was annoying and here pestering and nagging and speeches about "freeing the people of Buraza town from the hellish darkness consuming it" was stupid and had her punished multiple times, now she is slowly getting more and more pissed of until she finally will have a break down.

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