Koharu is a very nice girl. If she discovers some juicy gossip, She will run to Yui and tell her and spread it everywhere and then start to bully. Unfortunately Koharu and Yui always get away with making someone's life living hell. Koharu is also the 2nd most popular girl in Akademi High School. Koharu also gets the group to talk behind Kokona's back whenever she's not around. When Koharu witnesses a murder, she will run to her friends and become paranoid. On the next day she will tell all her friends what had happened and keep away from the murderer.


Yui Rio- Bestest Friend, they are very close to each other and are there for each other even if one of them are being bullied.

Mei Mio- They are also best friends but they are not very close.

Saki Miyu- They will be friends for a while when they don't know about Kokona's secret, but after finding out, Koharu will turn her back on Saki because Saki stands up for Kokona.

Kokona Haruka- Koharu absolutely finds her annoying because of how much she whines about her problems.

Koharu Hinata
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 100+
Club Art
Age 17
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Additional Info The 2nd most popular girl in Akademi. Is loved by all the boys.

Haruto Yuto- Koharu thinks that Haruto is a mild pervert and avoids him.