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Kocho Shuyona
Student Info
Career Headmaster
Reputation Unknown
Club Faculty
Age 31 (1989)
59 (2017)
Persona Strict
Crush None
Additional Info The school's headmaster.

An extremely reclusive person, he rarely leaves his office or addresses the student body in person.

The center of numerous unsavory rumors, although none have been proven.
Kocho Shuyona is the headmaster of Akademi High School. He often bribes police to not inspect the school.


"Kocho Shuyona is the headmaster of Yandere-chan's school. He is 59 years old, and he has held the same position since 1985, when the prestigious school first opened its doors.

At the beginning of his career, he was a cheerful, optimistic, energetic young man who was full of hope for the future. However, over the course of his long tenure, his demeanor has changed drastically. He has become a cynical, pessimistic, world-weary old man who seems to have completely lost his faith in the world - especially its youth.

What happened over the course of the past few decades to change this man in such drastic ways? What regrets does he live with? What kind of decisions will he make now, at the end of his career, now that he has so little to lose?"


Kocho has short, dark brown hair. He wears a light blue shirt with a red tie underneath a dark green vest. His pants are light brown and his shoes are dark brown. He also wears circular glasses.


Kocho is a stubborn and pessimistic man with no faith in the world. He refuses to admit that he has lost control of the situation within the school and will only let the school shut down under very extreme circumstances.

When he first began his career, he was extremely cheerful, energetic, and hopeful.



  • If every teacher has been murdered, he will be the one to discover any corpses after school.
  • The player will never be able to kill him.