Kobona Haruka is an OC made by GreenSister.

Kobona Haruka

こぼな はるか


Haruka Kobona


Long Haired Purple Girl




Female Female


She She






Social Butterfly

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Educated in

Akademi High School


School Girl





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Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Kokona Haruka, Brothers, Sister, Dead mother, Abusive father

Additional Info
She feels awfully bad about her sister and wants to call the cops on her father for abusing her sister.

100 Questions

  • Please tell us your name.
    • "Kobona Haruka."
  • When is your birthday?
    • "Febuary Third."
  • Your blood type?
    • "It is -0, but i want to keep that a secret for now."
  • Please tell us your three sizes?
    •  "Are you my d-dad?"
  • Tell us about your family composition.
    • "I actually don't know. heh"
  • What's your occupation? '
    • I am a student but i do have a part time job at Ritoru Shop ^-^"
  • Your favourite food?
    • "Canned Bread... No just joking it would be Bento."
  • Favourite animal?
    • "A doggy! :D"
  • Favourite subject?
    • "PE. don't get it wrong"
  • Dislike subject?
    • '"Psychology. -.- i hate it."
  • Is there a boy you've been thinking about? '
    • "​No not really."
  • Do you enjoy school?
    • "Most of the time. But no since i keep seeing dead bodies."
  • Are you in any school clubs? '
    • "I am in the sewing club. "
  • What's your motto?
    • "I don't have a motto ;-; "
  • Your special skill?
    • "I really don't have one. i'm not really supernatural."
  • Tell us about your treasure?
    • "My Mom."
  • Describe yourself in a single word?
    • "A little bit sad"
  • Your forte?
    • "umm.. do i really need to answer this?
  • Your shortcomings?
    • "Fufufufu
  • Places in your memories?
    • "When my mom died."
  • What is your favourite drink?
    • "Tea. Not very fond of coffee."
  • How good can you swim?
    • "I HATE PE CLASS! in that case, I cannot swim."
  • Your timing in 50-meter race?
    • "I've never actually been in a race before."
  • Your hobby or obsession?
    • "Finding Plants ^-^ I'M NOT STRANGE."
  • Disliked food?
    • "Fish."
  • Anything you want most currently?
    • "My dad to get arrested."
  • Afraid of heights?
    • "No."
  • Dislike thunder?
    • "OH HELL YES"
  • Rainy or sunny?
    • "sunny."
  • Do you use pencil or mechanical pencil in school?
    • "I use a pen."
  • What do you eat for breakfast?
    • "Pancakes"
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
    • "Oh hell naw"
  • Can you play any musical instruments?
    • "I can play on the keyboard"' 
  • Are you the outdoor or indoor type?
    • "Outdoor Person"
  • Ever in quarrel with your sisters?
    • "No. my baby sister is a baby and Kokona gets abused!"
  • Do you have a cellphone? '
    • "Yes. But i only call my friends."
  • How long is your commute to school?
    • "I will die here if there is any more questions!"
  • Do you have more friends than most?
    • "No. what you talkin about?"
  • Your favourite sports?
    • "I HATE PE! -.-"
  • How good can you cook?
    • "I'm so good at cooking. Not trying to brag."
  • Favourite colours?
    • "Purple. Since that's the only thing i see in my house. \"
  • Anything you can never forgive?
    • My dad."
  • How tall are you?
    • "Not telling you"
  • Shoe size?
    • "Still not telling you."
  • Your dreams?
    • "They are filled with rainbows but then abusive dads take it over."
  • Do you have any marriage desires?
    • "Of course!"
  • Do you dislike hot drinks?
    • "oh hell naw"
  • Do you like bitter coffee?
    • "No. It tastes NASTY!
  • Bed time?
    • "i stay up late."
  • Wake up time? .
    • "7:12"
  • When you sleep, are you a bed person or futon person? '
    • "I am a bed person!"
  • Are you confident in your ability to concentrate?
    • "On my work i do."
  • Do you have any tips on losing weight?
    • "For. The. Last. Time. I HATE PE CLASS!"
  • Between warm soda and chilled soda, which do you like?
    • "Umm.. do i care?"
  • Tell us which arm is your dominant arm.
    • " i use my left arm."
  • Tell us about something lucky that's happened lately.
    • "I found a penny."
  • Tell us about something unlucky that's happened lately.
    • '"I just realized that it was Kokona's. I actually still wonder how she flew from japan to america."
  • What's the name of your school anthem?
    • "I don't have one."
  • What's your favourite flower?
    • "Purple Dandelions!"
  • What's your favourite saying?
    • "You have a life. Stop giving up."
  • What's your favourite four kanji phrase?
    • "Really? i don't have one... don't be a baka!"
  • More sakura treees!"
  • And summer?
    • "I don't swim.."
  • What about fall?
    • "I like the leaves falling down."
  • And then the winter?
    • "Christmas. it's everyone's favorite holiday anyways."
  • If you had a time machine, where would you go?
    • "When i was a baby."
  • Do you like reading manga or short stories more?
    • I like manga. but all i have are short stories :'("'
  • What's your allowance?
    • "My allowance? well i get payed 10 yen after work."
  • Tell us something a lot of people say about you.
    • "Cute."
  • What are your hobbies?
    • "i told you once."
  • Tell us your weight.
  • What are you capable of?
    • "Sewing clothes."
  • What do you wear when you go to bed?
    • "Do you mind?"
  • Has anyone ever asked you out?
    • "No."
  • If I told you the world would end tomorrow, what would you do?
    • "I'd kill myself."
  • Tell us about your daily routine.
    • "Get up, go to school, go home, and go to bed. That's the simplest version I can give.
  • What is something you always carry with you?
    • "My phone."
  • Western food? Japanese food?
    • "I'm not american so it would be Japanese."
  • How do you commute to school?
    • "I ride a bus"
  • What's the last thing you do before going to bed at night?
    • "Make sure my dad's asleep."
  • What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
    • "Dance around."
  • Where are you living right now?
    • "My dad's house."
  • What kind of place is it?
    • "Its a house filled with people that have purple hair."
  • What's the most interesting thing that's happened to you so far?
    • "Having a pumpkin talk to me."
  • What's the saddest thing that's happened to you?
    • "My mom dying"
  • Do you like roller coasters?
    • "Yes. They actually look cool.'"
  • How's your eyesight?
    • "100/100"
  • What's your favourite holiday?
    • "Christmas!"
  • What job do you have in school?
    • "ITS A STUDENT!"
  • What do you do in your freetime?
    • "Thinking about getting into college next year."
  • How long do you study every day?
    • "1 hour."
  • Who of your friends can you rely on to give you advice? To give advice?
    • "Kokona Haruka."
  • What do you do on the weekends?
    • "Run around outside."
  • If you could be reincarnated, what would you want to be?
    • "A pink furry monster!"
  • Are the school rules really strict?
    • "To me, yes."
  • What do you have for lunch at school? A bento? The school lunch?
    • "Bread. Cheesy Bread."
  • How many friends do you have?
    • "Now that i think about it, i have one."
  • Do you take any detours when you go home?
    • "Going to work."
  • Are you interested in any actors?
    • "No. There aren't many singers out there."
  • What are your thoughts on the Q&A session?
    • "Really Midori? I almost fell asleep."


She grew up in a house where people were nice to their family members until her mom died and her dad started abusing everyone. when Kokona screams she cries loudly.

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