Kobito Nagai
Kobito Nagai
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Famous (96) (In Akademi College)
Unknown (22) (In Akademi High)
Club None
Age 22
Persona Unknown
Crush Shin Nijiro (Boyfriend)
Additional Info None

Kobito Nagai is an OC character created by the Wiki user Bubble-Blitz and is a non-canon character unless a male student PNG file and name is modified in game internal files.

He is a student at Akademi College.


Kobito wears the normal college outfit. His hair is brown and is short. He is dark-skinned.


He is a calm, kind and friendly person, always helping anyone. He is also very smart. Despite everyone in Akademi College hatred towards the people in Akademi High School, he seems to like them. He has a perverted side, only seem when next to Shin.


Love Interests

Shin Nijiro

Despite they age difference, they do love each other. How the relationship started is unknown. Kobito sometimes acts like a pervert next to him, and even nicknamed him as "Uke". Kobito sometimes refer himself as "Kobito Nijiro", this annoys Shin.


Amashi Nijiro

Kobito likes Amashi, however, Amashi seems to not like him. Actually, Amashi does like him, but hides this, as she don't want her brother to abandon her.



  • He is homosexual.

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