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Kizana Sunobu is the third upcoming rival in Yandere Simulator. She has not been implemented yet.

Kizana Sunobu
Student 34HD
Student Info
Career Student
Drama Club President
Reputation Unknown
Club Drama
Age Unknown
Persona Lovestruck (Himedere)
Crush Taro Yamada
Additional Info Unknown


"Kizana is the president of the school's drama club. Her short-term goal is to be the most popular girl in school, and her long-term goal is to be the most famous actress who has ever lived.

Kizana will be absent during the first two weeks of gameplay, but will set her sights on Senpai as soon as she returns to school. She is convinced that Senpai would make an excellent addition to the drama club, which might be just the thing to take his mind off of the events that he will experience during the first two weeks of gameplay...

Her personality is very distasteful, but her beauty and her ability to captivate an audience might be enough to get her into Senpai's heart. She might just be the "Juliet" to his "Romeo"..."


Kizana was always meant to have fancy purple hair, according to YandereDev. In the FAQ, YandereDev has stated that her hairstyle has not yet been finalized. Since she is a club president, she will wear a "Red Armband of Leadership" on her left arm with the 'comedy and tragedy' masks, representing her place in the Drama Club.

She has two large ringlets on the sides of her head along with two red roses in front of them and a black choker with a red rose on it. Her stockings are violet with the pattern of a darker violet set of vines and line-less roses on the vines.


As she is unimplemented, Kizana's full personality is unknown. She's described as being arrogant and egotistical, perhaps even distasteful. Her long term goal is to be the most famous actor ever and her short term goal to be the most popular girl in school. She's best described as a "himedere"."


Taro Yamada

As she will be a rival in the future, Kizana will have a crush on him from the second she lays eyes on him. She is convinced that he will be a perfect addition to the Drama Club, which perhaps will get his mind off of the events that happened in the first two weeks of gameplay.


In the future, Yandere-chan can matchmake Kizana with her suitor.


Though it is unknown at the moment, YandereDev has said that Kizana's routine will put her in close proximity to Senpai or other students. YandereDev has stated she is out of school for the first two weeks due to having a broken bone and needing recovery.


  • Her first name is a pun on kizana (キザナ), which translates to "snobbish". Her last name is how you might pronounce "snob" with a Japanese accent. Therefore, her full name translates to "Snobbish Snob".