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Kiyomi Tachibana is an OC created by wiki user Trivia-chan. She is the mother of Ren Tachibana, Meep-chan, and Takumi Tachibana. She now resides in Buraza Town, where she runs a pottery shop. She also loves to d cheer up her fellow townswomen with her quirky attitude. She is also fond of Ruby Jones and often crashes at her house for a Girl's Night In.

She is a single mother but is currently dating Shinobu Aozora. Her pet name, "Lemon Drop," was given to her by her boyfriend.

While she does own a successful shop, she lives in a separate house. It is on the side of town, with a large porch and a backyard that empties out into the woods. The back yard is important because it is where Kiyomi does her pottery and metal working.



Keiichi Hojou : Fathered Ren Tachibana. Her first boyfriend, who she eloped with. Later abandoned her once they arrived in Buzara Town. May be edited by Triple Devil (name included)

Ren Tachibana: Editing to be done by Triple Devil

Akio Yukiba: Fathered Meep-chan. Editing to be done by JustaCommenter (name included)


Takashi Yuu: Fathered Takumi Tachibana.


  • When Kiyomi was in high school age, she went through a steam punk phase. This is how she discovered her passioni for metal working, and to a lesser extent, other 3D forms of art.
  • Kiyomi's boyfriend gave her a citrine and copper pendant on their first anniversary. It is the only metal she  wears that she didn't create herself.
  • Kiyomi's children all possess a unique non-Japanese nickname
  • Ren "Pervert-kun
  • Kokuryu "Meep-chan"
  • Takumi "Trivia-chan"
  • Kiyomi is based on the characters Vidalia (Steven Universe), Meyer (Pokémon), and Izumi Curtis (Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Kiyomi has a heavy citrus theme. Both her name and surname translate into a type of inedible wild orange, and her pet nickname is "Lemon Drop."
  • Kiyomi owns a flame thrower, and she is not afraid to use it. This is important.