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Kiyomi Nakahara
Kiyomi Nakahara
Student Info
Career Student, Famous Singer
Reputation Neutral
Club None
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush  ????
Additional Info Kiyomi is a famous Singer. She is very good at Physical Education, because of all dancing she has to do on the job


Kiyomi has long, brown hair Kiyomi has a sweet resting face. Kiyomi is tall and curvy, with large a bust size.


Kiyomi is a Social Butterfly. If a camera is pointed at her, she will strike a cute pose. If she witnesses murder, she will call the police.


"Please, put that down"

- When sees Yandere-Chan with a weapon.


- When she sees blood.

"Please, Stop! You're scaring me!"

- Noticing Yandere-Chan laughing maniacly.


- When she sees bloody clothes.

"What is this?"

- After she sees a bucket of blood.

"(Blushes) wa...what are you doing?"

- After noticing you taking panty shots

"Is that Blood!?"

- After seeing you covered with blood

''(screams and runs away) "

- After sees you dragging a dead body

"You're really scary..."

- After seeing you insane

"(screams and calls the cops)"

- After seeing a dead body.

"Hey, that's not nice!"

- After seeing Yandere-Chan dumping water.

"Is this Blood? Why are you dumping blood on them?"

- After seeing Yandere-Chan dumping blood.

"Why would anyone do this?"

- After Yandere-Chan dumping water on Kiyomi

''(sccreams) IS THIS BLOOD!?"

- After Yandere-Chan dumping blood on Kiyomi.

"O...Oh dear, I'm so sorry! (Blushes)"

- After seeing someone naked.

"Ah, Please, don't look!!! (Blushes)"

- After seeing Kiyomi naked.

"What the heck!?"

- After seeing bloody footprints.


- After seeing bloody weapon.

"Please leave me alone!"

- After seeing Yandere-Chan Intruding.


7:10 AM: Arrives at School.

7:15 AM: Goes to locker..

7:20 AM-7:50 AM: Hang out with friends.

8:30 AM-8:30 AM: Goes to class.

12:00 PM-1:00 PM: Go to rooftop and have lunch.

1:30 PM-3:30 PM: Goes to class.

3:40 PM- 3:45 PM: Goes to locker.

3:50 PM-5:40 PM: Hangs out with friends in Cafe/on the Park.

5:45 PM: Goes home

Study Points

  • Biology • 1-5
  • Chemistry • 2-5
  • Language • 1-5
  • Physical Education • 5-5
  • Psychology • 2-5


Kiyomi lost her notebook, can you find it?

"Thanks a lot!"

- Accepting task.

"alright no worries"

- Refusing task

"Have you found my book yet?''

- When you didn't find her notebook yet.

"Thank you so much!"

- Giving the lost notebook to Kiyomi

Reward: Will become your friend



As usual Kiyomi notices Yandere-chan's murderous actions.

Osana Najimi

Osana doesn't like Kiyomi because of her popularity and tries to intimidate her, but Kiyomi doesn't care.


Kiyomi has no boyfriend, but everyone likes her


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