Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
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Kiyokazu has messy brown shoulder-length hair with bangs that nearly cover his right eye, but a pair of black-rimmed glasses prevent them from doing so. His eyes are also hazel. They have slight dark circles under their eyes, likely from lack of sleep. They have some freckles on their nose, which aren't too noticeable. They are quite tall and a bit chubbier, but he's a bit scrawnier in his arms and his wrists and fingers are quite bony.

Kiyokazu typically wears the default male uniform, unless customised by the player. Outside of school, he tends to wear hoodies, plaid, jeans, graphic tees, sneakers, etc.


Kiyokazu is quite odd and random, to say the least. He is quiet in school, but around friends, he's much louder and energetic. He is also rather intelligent, but, at times, he can say and do a lot of dumb things, most notably making typos in chatrooms, reading things wrong, etc. He tends to be quite obsessive as well, mainly obsessing over "emo" bands. He also is quite sarcastic and a bit of an asshole at times.

Kiyokazu's persona is Loner, meaning that he reacts to suspicious things and murder by begging you to spare his life.


  • There are a few differences between him and his creator. Such as age (Kiyo is a bit over two years older than their creator).
  • They love bright/neon colours, especially when paired with black.
  • Their voice cracks whenever they yell or shout.
  • His surname, Hanae is vastly similar to a part of Vick's.
    • Vick also has another OC with the name Hanae.
    • The other two nicknames are nicknames given to their creator in chat (in Japanese, of course).
  • Their name was originally "Vicki Kat", but this was changed due to the name being "cringy" and the letter "V" not being in the Japanese alphabet, then his name changed from "Biku Han'na" to "Kiyokazu Hanae" because his name sounded "weeby" in Vick's opinion.
  • His appearance is actually outdated, as Vick had gotten a haircut a while ago and has been too lazy to update it.


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