He is mischivious and playful he is sorta cheeky as well he has endless confidence and he is always boasting. He can never say no to a challeng and he absolutely HATES losing if he does then he will most likely throw a tantrum, He usually wins though, he thinks their is nothing he cannot do and beleives he is the best. He is very cocky and he loves to tease and insult those who lose against him. If you embarriss him or win against him your most likely going to end up on his prank list. He often gets into trouble so he ends up in detention alot (though he isn't quite a delinquint cause he it isn't in his personality to hang out with those types of people) he is kleptomatic so somethings he stumbles upon goes missing soon after. He beleives steals things alot. He doesn't let anyone touch his tail. he faints if he sees alot of blood like a pool of it. he can't stand gore and he will probably faint at the sight of murder. so he is very prideful and he's a prick


His family is very poor, his mom died when he was young so he doesn't know her very well. his dad was always away so he had to fend for himself. due to this he often had to steal food it is so bad that him and his siblings almost resorted to cannibalism one time but then their dad came home with some food (Thier dad is actually living with another family when he is Gone he was always cheating on their mom and the kids are just a burden to him but he has enough of a heart to stop by with food and stay every once in a while heck the other family his dad stays in is wealthyer than his) eventually kit found out and got to move in with his dad and was immediately forced to take a bath. he has one twin sister and one little brother.



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