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Kimiko Kokoro used to be one of CrystaltheCool's OCs but she was adopted by Ian Rookie.


Kimiko has long cyan hair, similar to Midori Gurin, but the long things are much shorter. Kimiko has cyan eyes and the same breast size as Ayano Aishi, Pippi Osu, and Midori Gurin.

Her uniform is the Blue Blazer.


Kimiko is a studious person who doesn't like to talk to people very much, aside from her older sister. Due to her good grades, she has a large ego.

Aspires to join the Student Council.



Relationships with OCs


  • Kiyoko Kokoro (Deceased Mother)
    • Kimiko strongly resembled Kiyoko, both in appearance and personality.
  • Akito Akiyama (Deceased Father)
    • Kimiko cared about her father, but not as much as she cared about Akemi.
  • Akemi Akiyama (Sister)
    • Kimiko cares about Akemi very much, and considers her endless optimism to be admirable.


  • Kimiko and CrystaltheCool's tastes in manga and anime are reversed. CrystaltheCool prefers slice of life when it comes to manga and action-adventure when it comes to anime. Kimiko prefers action-adventure when it comes to manga and slice of life when it comes to anime.
    • However, they happen to share the same tastes in music.
  • Kimiko's name means "Noble Child's Heart".
    • CrystaltheCool chose this name because of the alliteration and the fact that it fits her personality.
    • Similarly, Kimiko's mother's name was Kiyoko Kokoro, which means "Pure/Holy Heart". It fit her personality, but it's somewhat ironic, since Kiyoko was an atheist when she was still alive.
  • Kimiko's favorite "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" characters are Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki.
    • Kimiko ships "Madoka x Sayaka" and "Mami x Kyoko".



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