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Kimagure Bukimi is a fanon OC by FunCookie.

Kimagure Bukimi
Occult President
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -50
Club Occult
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Oka Ruto
Additional Info None


Kimagure, born Kitaidesu, was born in Shisuta Town to Setsuna Bukimi and Haruto Kimiwaruidesu. Oddly, she decided to take her mother's surname, as she loved her mother dearly much more than her father. Despite having the feeling of love for her mum, all her other feelings were there, but they were faint, as if they didn't exist in Kitaidesu's soul.

When Kitaidesu was only 4, Haruto left Setsuna and Kitaidesu, leaving Setsuna heartbroken and Kitaidesu angry with her father, and also upset. She decided to rename herself the name that her mother wanted to give her, which was Kimagure. From that day on, Kitaidesu was a reinvented version of herself - Kimagure Bukimi, who just didn't care about anything.

A few months later, Setsuna got cancer and spent most of her days in the hospital, suffering with bad pain. Her short battle with the cancer failed and she died within 2 months, leaving Kimagure overcome with sadness. Unfortunately for Kimagure, she had to go and live with her father and his new wife, Kira Kimiwaruidesu.

Kimagure ran away and managed to fend for herself for 5 years, until she was 16 and could get her own home. Kimagure had gathered up a lot of money because nice people often gave her money while seeing her roaming the streets, and she often did errands for people. Kimagure wanted to go to the prestigious Akademi High School, because she liked the look of it and their students. She went to enroll, but didn't have enough money.

The headmaster said she looked like a smart girl and could sit an exam and if she passed, she could get into the school without paying any money. Kimagure studied in the library for days and filled up her head with information. Weeks later, she had to sit the exam. Kimagure felt a little anxious inside, but managed to do all the tests without any fuss. She passed!

Kimagure went to Akademi High for the first time, met her best friend and crush Oka Ruto and joined the Occult club. However, when Oka was absent for a few weeks, Kimagure became the new (temporary) president.