[ This is EwImTrash's OC. Please ask me before using her! ]


Ki has golden hair that reaches her hips, and covers one of her eyes. She either braids it or keeps it in twintails or a ponytail. She is slim with fair skin. Ki has golden eyes and eyebrows to match her hair. She usually wears a mouse headband with a yellow bow and star earrings to represent the time she had with her parents.


Ki suffers from severe weight loss, and that affects her hunger and eating schedule, but only the nurse, guidance counselor and her teacher know about that. She always has a smile on her face in public, and doesn't let anybody know about her suffering because they will see her different.


Kokona Haruka

Ki and Kokona are close friends, and the only keep a few secrets from each other.


Ki knows about Info-chan and what things she sells. Ki is most disgusted by Info-chan's prices.

Oka Ruto

Ki has always been suspicious of Oka, and wonders if she is a demon herself.


  • Ki's parents both died in a car crash
  • Ki believes in supernatural beings, and secretly wants to take over the Occult Club
  • Ki's favorite animal is the elephant
  • Ki cringes every time there's a rainbow in her sight, but she loves watching them

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