Celestia Ludenberg Illustration

“I do not think we have been introduced...”
Please note that This is a multi-fandom OC that belongs to
CrabbyMeal , meaning that you mustn't use it without his permission.


Kellin has gray glasses and medium sky blue colored eyes. He has light brown hair that is somewhat messy and bangs that are swooped to the left. He usually wears the gaming club pin and is surprisingly short in size. He is shorter than most kids in school.


A student with the Gamer persona starts out as popular. Students with this persona are known to have YouTube accounts, and are extremely popular, being followed by their fans almost every day (The amount of fans range from 5-8). This makes a Gamer hard to kill without a witness or a defender. If the gamer witnesses murder, and manages to get out of school alive, the gamer will notify and warn everybody in the internet, telling them what happened and who tried to kill them. This will penalize the player with a huge drop of -50 reputation points. Their only time where they are not followed by any fans is during lunch-time, as it is known as the gamer student's private hours. If Yandere-chan points a camera at them, they will do a pose, be it a male or a female.

If the camera is pointed at Kellin,he will pull out a picture of Shrek and put it on the camera. Kellin is a memey, dank and probably the most insignificnt person who forgets about personal space all the time. He is nice and funny though and is known for his hatred for popular people.



Pippi Osu: Kellin thinks she's really nice, but should really say something if she likes Ryuto

Amai Odayaka: Kellin thinks that she is one of the nicest people he's met. He loves her food.

Musume Ronshaku: Kellin hates her with a burning passion. He will cheer if she is killed.



Rouia Kohler-Rouia and Kellin have known eachother since diapers. Their parents are very close friends and both of their families moved from Denmark to Japan together. Kellin knows Rouia better than anyone except maybe Morgan. People say that they have a crush on one and other but it is fake. None of them have feelings towards eachother at all. They are best friends.

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