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Keiko is a female second year student at Akademi High School. She is either hated or loved by students due to her comic relieved, and slightly perverted personality. She also either hates or "likes" students. Beyond that people don't know much about her, unless you personally know her. She also dresses rather pretty, she often works for her looks. Keiko often saves her money and picks up part time jobs at cafe's for money to buy things such as stockings and contacts. She lives a normal life at home with nothing else that special.


Keiko has tritails that are the color of a lemon and pink contact eyes. Her real eye colour is dark brown. She has a slight hourglass figure thanks to the help of a corset. She also wears different stockings every 2 days, such as black flowers, fishnet stockings, and a plain purple. She wears the default uniform or the one picked by the player.


Keiko can be in many moods. She can be happy and funny. She can be immature and shady. The point is that she has a lot up in there. Keiko is normally a happy and carefree person that's confident and assertive with a lot of ways to dish insults or dirt at people. She can also be very sassy at times. When shes in a bad mood, all hell rains down to people that talk to her, she will be very snappy and not just care unless its a teacher or a person that she knows that will snitch on her. She can act very "tsundere" around her crushes. However it would take a very hardy person to show a dere side somewhere. Many people assume she is a rather lewd character. However she is not that lewd she is just "very aware" of the subject. She is an avid liar, mostly to start drama. She also lies to make herself look better sometimes. Due to her personality she has the Deceitful persona, once witnessing murder she will yell at the murderer at a distance that she won't tell anyone. That she'll help later and run away, she will actually report the murderer at the police. She can also be very passive aggressive to Yumi.


Yumi Ryuzaki A friend that she hangs out sometimes. Has a crush on him and is very aggressive and anxious to him, however unlike a tsundere she will never show a sweet side to him. She returns his lewd gestures with "Whatever"'s and "Ugh...okay..."'s.

Rie Nobuko Knows of Keiko's nature and tries to correct the girl's behavior. Rie considers Keiko a disgrace and occasionally attempts to tutor her.

Rie Ueda On the outside, thinks Keiko is funny and entertaining. On the inside she's moderately annoyed by the blonde's antics, but not quite enough to snap. Usually.


7:00-7:12: Keiko enters school and puts on her indoor shoes.

7:12-7:45: Annoys Yumi.

7:40-8:00: Sits on a bench in the courtyard.

8:00-1:00: Goes to class 2-2.

1:00-1:30-  Annoys Yumi.

1:30-3:30- Goes to class 2-2.

3:30-6:00- Helps clean up the school and leaves.


"I'm stupid, but I pass with C's so Halleuhjer!"

""Aint No T aint no shade, but at the same time bitches bettah get outta way!"


"Bitch! Do I look like im joking!?"

"Awww did I hurt your whhhooooorrreeee feelings?"

"Oh my god FIINNNEEE" To Yumi.


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