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Matsuoka Kazuko
Kazuko Matsuoka



Matsuoka Kazuko


Kazu-chan (by Haruna)


Female Female


She She








September 3




Heterosexual Heterosexual


Art Club



Personal Status

Haruna Matsuoka

Additional Info
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Kazuko Matsuoka is a member of the Art Club. She is a first year student.


Kazuko has an older sister, Haruna, who is a third year student.

Kazuko is wheelchair-bound, due to an accident at a relative's house which lead to her being crushed under a tree. She tries to keep discussion off of the accident, only talking about it when pushed on it and preferring to keep an "it happened, let's get on with life" mantra about it.


Kazuko is quite small for her age. She has black hair extending slightly past her shoulders and purple eyes. She has a rather pale complexion.

Kazuko wears a slightly modified version of the default uniform, with the addition of black leggings. She eschews the normal Art Club beret in favor of a palette-shaped hairclip attached to her headband.


Kazuko typically keeps an optimistic look on life, but her facade will start cracking if she starts getting bullied or her sister is kidnapped or killed.

Kazuko is highly observant of others and frequently shares what she sees with her sister. If the player is eventually trusted enough by the two to allow them to be alone with Kazuko, she will share these thoughts with the player as well. She has an excellent memory and can recall most of the students of the school without much difficulty, with the exception of individuals who actively try to avoid being observed.

Kazuko has the Frail persona. She takes less time to kill than other students, and things that would only injure other students (such as dumping her down a flight of stairs) have a chance of killing her.


Kazuko and Haruna are almost always seen together, with the few exceptions occurring if Haruna is called off by others for urgent matters.

Kazuko will frequently talk with Haruna about other students, offering some insights to their persona and secrets if the player listens in. Her opinions will change depending on if the student has a high or low reputation, with her commentary switching between positive and negative traits, respectively.

Haruna will frequently take Kazuko with her for her mid-day activities. On the few occasions when Kazuko is left to her own devices, she will usually go to the Art Club's room.


Kazuko is rather slow to move around the school and to retrieve items thanks to her being wheelchair-bound. If Haruna is around, she will usually push Kazuko and assist her in other ways to alleviate this reduction in mobility when possible.

Kazuko is rather difficult to interact with, due to Haruna keeping a close observation on things and rapidly halting things if she does not like where the conversation is going. Having a reputation of above +50 will cause Haruna to be more lenient in this regard, while a reputation of above +75 will cause Haruna to trust the player enough to allow them to be alone with Kazuko. If the player's reputation is below -30, Haruna will bar all interaction.

While alone with Kazuko, the player is able to question her about other students, upon which Kazuko will give her opinion of them to the player as she does with Haruna. These opinions will usually carry hints of a student's nature and persona, and can be useful in determining a plan of action for them. Her opinions are less helpful for Rival characters, and she is unable to form opinions on students with the Reclusive or Shy personas.

If Haruna is kidnapped or killed, Kazuko will drastically shift in personality, becoming much more reclusive and refusing to talk with most individuals. She will only speak to the player if they have a reputation of greater than +75. If Haruna is killed and Kazuko witnesses this, she will refuse to talk to the player on any occasion and will flee from them when possible if the player does not also kill her. Conversely, if Kazuko is killed when she is in Haruna's line of sight, Haruna will stop any action she is doing and immediately attempt to attack the player, and if she is kidnapped or killed, Haruna will correspondingly shift in personality.

As using Kazuko in the traditional method after kidnapping her would be unlikely to work, after mind-breaking Kazuko the player is able to use her to increase their torturing ability of others by 25 percent, reducing the time needed to mind-break a normal student from 40 to 30 hours.

Kazuko's small size means that the player is only required to have Physical Education level 1 to be able to carry her body.


  • Kazuko scores 17.5 points on the Mary Sue Litmus Test.

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