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Kayoko Nishida

Kayo (only by close friends/family)




Female Female






115 lbs


August 27th

Astrological Sign

Virgo Virgo

Blood Type



Social Butterfly


Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status




Educated in

Akademi High



Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Chisato Nishida (sister), Parents

Additional Info
Hearing impaired

Kayoko Nishida is an OC created by the user Swedechef. She is deaf, and therefore communicates in non-vocal methods (either by writing or sign language), only using her voice if no other option presents itself. She can lip-read to an extent, but typically one must use the aforementioned modes of communication to have her understand.


Kayoko has long, unkempt hair that naturally is jet-black, however in its current state it has been dyed a dark blue. She stands at 5'3 (1.60m) and weighs in at 115lbs (~52kg). She has a small bust size, which she is embarrassed about, even trying various methods for them to appear bigger. Her eyes are a light-blue. This is why she dyed her hair, so it could match her eyes.


Kayoko was born and raised in Buraza, her parents being the owners of a local cafe. She was born deaf, which caused problems in her elementary class leading to her having to use an independent learning system within the school. Her parents also hired a private tutor, to not only help her keep up with the class but to also teach the family sign language, so that they could communicate with each other easily. She was not able to make many friends as a child due to the communication gap and the independent learning, so her sister was really the only person she had to hang out with. Because of the lack of any other friends or even others to talk to, she fell into a state of depression. After middle school had ended, she vowed to become more outgoing so as to make up for those lost years, and to never have to feel this way again.

As soon as she was able, she was put to work in the family cafe, helping make the dishes while Chisato took the orders. She grew to like cooking, and joined her high school cooking club (Akademi High).


Kayoko is quite outgoing despite her disability. She is always introducing herself to new people (typically using Chisato as a translator) and is constantly texting others. She tries to be as friendly towards others as possible, even under frustrating circumstances, in order to keep a good reputation and to not lose and potential friends. This usually means she is constantly trying to keep her reputation up.

She is also rather naive, and a poor judge of character. Kayo tends to not understand proper etiquette, or to understand how someone is feeling from facial expressions. Since she mostly communicates with text or writing, she could never see or tell how to know if someone is lying. This can lead her into believing whatever someone says, even if that person is untrustworthy.

Kayo is very protective of her sister, and you permanently lose reputation with her if you harm, bully or take a panty shot of her. She will also be around her sister more than others, meaning if Chisato dislikes you it will be hard to get close to Kayo.

She tries to make the best out of every situation, and does not allow her disability to define her. She can even make light out of it if she thinks humour is needed. However she has a fairly constant fear of isolation and that things will revert back to how they were in elementary and middle school. Her sister is the only one she has confided this to, and hence is why she never leaves her side. This fear is the main driving force behind her tolerance of others and why she became so outgoing.


Kayo has the 'Social Butterfly' persona, meaning she will strike a cute pose if you attempt to take a picture of her and typically be around as many people as she can. However, when reacting to murder, she will behave more like a coward, begging for her life and being unable to move.

Quirks and Additional Info (Basically more Personality)

Due to her deafness, she is much easier to sneak up on. She will not notice you taking a panty shot of her unless she gets direct line of sight, or notices other peoples reactions. If her reputation is low enough others might not warn her about it, however your reputation will still decrease no matter what (This cannot occur if Chisato notices, as she will always confront you). Communication with Kayo can be done in three ways; Using her sister to translate in sign, with writing OR if the character already knows sign language communicating through that. Kayo can read lips but is rather bad at keeping up with it, so typically one of the three methods must be used.

Kayo is much more affected by reputation loss compared to other students, due to her lonely childhood. If she becomes alienated from the others she will fall into a state of depression and become desperate to keep her friends. This can lead to her becoming more and more attached to others, even if they do no want to be with her. If she is the target of bullying she will lose sanity much faster than other students, and will leave the school prematurely if bullying persists. Due to her fear of losing reputation, she will not go out and talk to any staff about this issue, rather just keep it to herself (or confide in Chisato, begging her not to tell anyone).

Kayo will arrive to school earlier than others, and will be in the library with her sister until the rest of the students arrive to school. After school she will participate in cooking club activities.

Due to being deaf, she will not be attracted/alarmed to any screams, alarms or noises in general.

Task: Lost and Found

Kayo will tell you she has misplaced a textbook somewhere in the school, and asks you if you find it to return it to Chisato Nishida (the original owner). Doing so will increase relation with her, as well as a slight relation boost with her sister. Kayo will also offer to teach basic sign language if your reputation with her is high enough.