Kawaii Pai is the first OC of ILoveBubbles. He is a non-canon character.


Kawaii is a 2nd year studnent at Akademi High. He s a very sweet person, espically to his older sister, Shishi Pai (not here yet). He is also a very shy person, but with enough chatting, he will open up more. Because he is shy, flirting with him will not be a good thing unless you and him happen to be very close. He use to live in Shisuta Town, but when he was 12 and Shishi was 13, they moved to Buraza Town. From there, he made a few friends and became a bit popular amog the school. Now that he is in his second year of Akademi High, his friends and school performance still hang in balance. What could be in store for him?


Kawaii has pink hair with a crazy front hairstyle. His hair is short. He has green eyes. He wears the default male uniform.


Kawaii is very fond eveyone, and will do his best to get along with someone. He loves is sister VERY much. He carries a syringe around in case someone tries to hurt him, someone else, or his sister. He has the heroic persona.


Shishi Pai - Shishi is the older sister of Kawaii. Although he bothers her with his ideas for the school, and she bothers him with questions of homework, they still love eachother, rain or shine, day or night.


He is in class 2-2.

He is in the Gardening Club.

He makes posters and signs around the school for an additon for a "Care Club".

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