Authors note

This is a mo fo joke friendfiction so dont take this shit seriously or we gonna have a problem MK HUNTEY!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Though this joke fanfiction is a joke, there is no mercy of language in this. This joke fanfiction make contain Keiko period mood swings. Keiko moaning. Keiko doesnt give a shit. Shrek swamp. Chicago talks. Drag race references. Shrek swamp god powers. And Len yelling at the author after this while the author cannot find the fuck he loss years ago.

 Chapter 1:Keiko Koemi point of view: The green whore man.

JESUS FAWKING CHRUST!!! I'm late for class. I moan. "UGHHHGHGHGHGHHG". I complain more. "UGhghghghghghg". I run into the class yelling "SAUMIMASEN TEACHER!!" the teacher then went to keiko and gave her 30 lashes in the hallway. She then relized a person outside. A person that is green. A person keiko flipped off in her desk. Keiko then thought "He looks like a whore." "Probably eats tampons" "Sashay away little green boy!" "auhauhauhaheahehaheahahhaahahahahahahhaaAHHAHAHAA" Keiko said the laugh out loud. The teacher then made keiko lick a boys sleeve.

Chapter 2:Shrek Swamp point of view: Recruiting.

Shrek Swamp was recruiting follows for his cause. What was the cause? The cause to believe in Shrek swamp. He is simply love. He is simply life. Though his way of recruting people was so good. He threw grenades at dogs that blow up a t-shirt saying "BELEIVE IN SHREK!" Though he did not relize that someone was watching him. ANd that person was pisse dAF." "A lemon haired Gurl cam eup to him and went like "BITCH HOW DARE YOU THROW GRENADES AT DOGS!!111" Shrek swamp then went leik "DO U NOT BELEIVE IN MEH!?" Keiko said then in a bold voice "No bitch.

Chapter 3: Narrator point of view.: The Chicago fight.

Shrek swamp was pissed. He went to hit Keiko in the balls "SHWWOP THUMP!" Keiko screetched "WHY THE HELL DID YOU KICK MY VAG!?" SHrek paused ".....y rent u lying down holding ur crotch in pain of ur testicles?" Keiko spat at him "BIOLOGICAL FEMALES DONT HAVE TESTICLES YOU DUMB ASS" Keiko got up and tackled Shrek swamp. The struggle accured. Shrek swamp was screetching of a frogs cry "C}ARARAUUGHAHUADHAUWFQ412u41249i12@ cARUAURYAFGUasf8qw7r4ybuAy@#3213213" Keiko then yelled "YOU PISS ME OFF SOME MORE NAD I WILL WOOP YO FUCKING ASS" "BITCH I AM FROM CHICAO I AINTGO TN O TIME FPR OYU!" Shrek then punches Keiko in the boob. Keiko then went like "ASDSADas dabAHAHHAH!!" Keiko then bit Shrek swamps tounge at and spat it at the nearby Nao. Shrek then went like "OH MY OGOOODAOODJ ASINDIASUDBU FISJNFEESF" Nao flipped them off and left. In the end the t eacher came out and went like "99 LASHES!!!!!". The end.OR IS IT IN THE END NAO KILLED THE TEACHERS AND LICKS PIE AHAHDHAAHDHADAHDAHAHDHASDSHDASHDASHAHHAHAHA but really keiko is pissed and she on her period.