Katashi Ren
Katashi Ren
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Normal (12)
Club Cosplay
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush Akamaru Ryoma
Additional Info None


Ren has short spiky green hair. He has a blue bandanna around his head. His eyes are bluish green. He wears uniform 5.


Ren is normally inconvenient and pervert. But is friendly when needed. He isn't self-centered and is always eager to help anyone at any moment. He is a member of the cosplay club and likes to be mistaken for a anime character. He have a softer and nicer side that is show sometimes for anyone, however it last for some moments only as he always come back to his pervert self.

He always mention sex, masturbation and fetishes on his typical conversation. Despite being a big pervert, he is virgin and is scared to even loses his virginity. He has a great admiration for bunnies and rabbits, being his favorite animals. He has a special interest in short boys and will always try to get closer to them.


Akamaru Ryoma

Mutual Crush
Ren and Akamaru first met when Akamaru saw Ren full of ink and asked him what he was doing, thinking he was doing something bad. Ren revealed a school anniversary banner, which left Akamaru ashamed. Ren forcefully made him pay food for him and they got to a restaurant. Ren gave Akamaru a bouquet, and inside the bouquet, there was a ring an a letter thanking for the good date. He always say he wants to "eat" Akamaru.


  • He is bisexual.
  • Katashi (堅) means "firm, hard" in Japanese. While Ren (恋) comes from "romance, love". His name literally means "Hard Love" which is a way the owner of this OCs say "Sex".

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