Shikawa Asami is a female student that attends Akademi Highschool.

Shikawa Asami
Student Info
Career None, but she hopes that one day she'll become the host of a extremely famous TV show.
Reputation Average.
Club Drama Club.
Age 18.
Persona Evil.
Crush Herself.
Strength Super strong.
Additional Info She is a crazy sadistic bitch, loves bondage, strictness and dominance. Loves seeing people suffer and being submissive over her.


She has dyed blue hair and blue eyes, the most soft skin you'll ever feel, pale and beautiful. She uses makeup to make herself feel even more perfect. He hair is tied and she is mostly seem wearing a blue seifuku even outside of school.


She is narcissistic and extremely unfair, she is sadistic and crazy. Loves to show her dominant side all the time and when she sees a corpse, she smirks and starts filming it, saying. "And here we see the corpse of the pathetic [corpse's name]!!" And right after that deletes it.




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