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Kaori Portrait
Kaori Inoue
Kanji 井上香
Rōmaji Inoue Kaori
Alias Strawberry-Chan, Strawberry-Hime, Princess
General Information
Race Human, Japanese
Sex Female
Pronouns She
Age 17
Sexuality Bi-curious
Scholar Information
Persona Clingy/Damsel
Reputation 50+
Club Cheerleading Club
Crush Unknown
Relationship Partners
Friends Gaki Ōjoku
Status Alive

Strawberry-chan is an OC created by Wiki User Strawberry Imouto, she is also Strawberry Imouto's first OC. She is a Himedere and a Neko (a personality not the physical animal), and is scouting for new members for the Cheerleading Club. (Scrunchies in the portrait are by Mougeki Mero)


Suffers a mild case of multi-personality disorder, but does not share memories with the other personality. Because of this if one was to commit Yandere actions in front of her, she will not remember when in the other personality.



Is known for being popular, however is known for being a bit bitchy and demands to be treated like a princess.


Is a second personality of Strawberry-Chan, She believes herself to be a cat (Neko in Japanese), and even wears a pair of cat ears and an eye patch. Her friends are not aware of her disorder and just see her as acting a bit weird.


Kashiya wears the Default Uniform (Uniform #1), along with magenta thigh-high socks and Mary Jane shoes. She has magenta Twin drills and dark pink eyes. She wears two pink bows and a crown tilted to the left.

When in her "Neko" personality she is simulator to her regular personality, except she wears cat ears and an eye patch which covers her left eye.


  • She and her family run the Sweet Strawberry Cafe.
  • Despite her name, Strawberry-Chan is not based on Strawberry Imouto.
  • "Kaori" means "Fragrance" and "Inoue" means "Above the well".
  • After the previous Captain left Akademi High, Strawberry-Chan became the Captain of the Cheerleading Club.


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