Kanako Asahina
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club None
Age 17
Persona Coward
Crush Rotaro Kiseki
Additional Info No additional information available at this time

Kanako Asahina is a female student who attends Akademi High School.


Kanako has brown hair pulled back into a ponytail with a white ribbon tied to it; she also has green eyes and breasts that are the same size as Saki Miyu's.


Kanako has the personality of a coward; if a camera is held up to her face, she will hide her face. If she witnesses murder, she will beg for mercy and run away, but if she witnesses Rotaro's murder, she will attack the player with more force than she seems to be capable of (even with her observing Rotaro in the Martial Arts Club).

She is a very shy girl, especially around Rotaro. When she isn't watching Rotaro's martial arts training, she normally spends her time fantasizing about a relationship with him. She fears that he'll reject her in reality, though, and she refuses to join the Martial Arts Club to avoid suspicion that she's joining just for him. She also seems to be quite oblivious to Rotaro's feelings and thinks that he likes his childhood friend, Miyako.


7:00 AM - Kanako will arrive at school right after Mei but before Saki. She will then go to her locker.

7:15 AM - Kanako will walk to the courtyard and talk to the other female members of the Rainbow 12.

7:30 AM - Kanako will leave the Rainbow 12 and walk to the Martial Arts Club. She will then sit by the wall and watch Rotaro spar with Mina Rai.

8:00 AM - Kanako will walk alone to Class 2-2, where she will proceed to take her lessons.

1:00 PM - Kanako will walk to the cafeteria and eat lunch with the other members of the Rainbow 12, joined by Rotaro and Miyako.

1:30 PM - Kanako will walk with Mei back to Class 2-2 and proceed to take her lessons.

3:30 PM - Kanako will walk to the Martial Arts Club and watch Rotaro spar with Mina until the end of the day.

Kisekae Code



Rotaro Kiseki - She has a huge crush on him, but she tries not to show it in fear that he will reject her; she is not aware that he actually returns her feelings. Kanako watches Rotaro at the Martial Arts Club daily, but she refuses to actually join the club. They are on somewhat good terms, but Kanako is too shy to say a lot to him.

Budo Masuta - Because of Budo being Rotaro's friend, he and Kanako are on good terms; in fact, Kanako is more comfortable around Budo than Rotaro.

Miyako Gurafu - Kanako and Miyako are good friends, but Kanako is secretly jealous of Miyako, as she thinks that she and Rotaro have romantic feelings for each other.

Mei Mio - Kanako and Mei are classmates and best friends. Because Mei is in love with Haruto and her love is unrequited, Kanako provides comfort for her. However, Kanako is uncomfortable telling Mei about her crush on Rotaro.

Ryusei Koki - They may be classmates, but they know each other because Ryusei is Mei's stepbrother.

Mina Rai, Sho Kunin, Juku Ren, Shima Shita - Kanako gets along well with the other Martial Arts Club members, especially Shima, despite her constantly trying to make her join the club.


  • She has the same last name as Suzuka Asahina, the titular character of "Suzuka", and the same first name as her seiyuu, Kanako Mitsuhashi. This is a coincidence.
  • If she had a voice, it would be sweet and high-pitched, similar to Yui Horie.

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