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Kami Setsu
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Nine
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None

Kami used to be an old as fuck OC but she's being fixed up.


Kami's hair is long and for the most part, loose. Her bangs are messy and have streaks of purple. Other than the streaks, her hair is brown. She wears a purple string-bow. She is of average height and weight, and wears geometrical designs on her stockings. Her right eye is green and her left one is blue. This is due to a rare condition known as Heterochromia.


Kami is a tomboy. She enjoys sports, being outside, etcetera. She will often go out of her way to help others, usually leading to something negative in the end. Kami is very creative, and likes Origami and other things that involve paper. She is, however, very clumsy and careless when doing this, and often ends up with papercuts.

Kami's persona is Social hero: She will act dependant on the atmosphere and player's strength.


Kami was born in Canada, and three years later her brother was born. Her and her brother had an average sibling relationship and life until they were 11. They moved to Japan because of their mother's job.




  • To help her find a kitten (situated on the rooftop)
  • Steal the Katana, as she will be needing it for undisclosed purposes.