Kama Jo is a big Drama Queen. She complains a lot of what she has a she loves her fans so bad. She is one of DanteMan66's OCS.

Her fans take her tweets seriously and will stalk her tweets if she hasn't tweeted after an hour.

If KamaJo doesn't tweet after an hour, their fans will turn crazy and think that she died, but most of the time, its just that her phone just died, or she hasn't got any WIFI.

She gets very good grades, and plans to be an actress in the future, despite her drama queen character.

She loves manga and anime comics, like Hunter X Hunter, Negima and Yuyu Hakusho.

She is very childish and loves European food.

She is one of the only people who knows that Yandere Chan has a problem, and was a witness to many of her murders. Still, she doesn't speak, because she does not want to be someone known for being a tattle-tale, but mostly because is it out of fear, as she sometimes sees YandereChan stalks her making sure she is not damaging her reputation. Kama still goes on with life, though sometimes has depression moments, of letting students die and not doing anything. Many times, she tries to go to the police, but know if could affect her life, putting her own in danger, as YandereChan got out of murder lots of times.

She has a big crush on Deforuto Moto, and pleads YandereChan not to kill her, knowing Deforuto has a crush on Taro Yamada, Senpai.

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