Kakuna is a joke oc created by Melody.

Kakuna Haruka
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Unknown
Age Unknown
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None


It has long purple hair with 2 pink hairclips tucked in it. It has large beady eyes that are gray. 


It is a very unique OC, considering she can't move and instead has its next door neighbor, Beedrill Masuta, fly it to school. after that it will ride Rapidash Kimichi around. Sometimes it sees Kyogre Shanzu. (lol ironic because I mean Kaiogas Shanzu, and that means Kyogre's Oceans) If itsees someone commit murder she will have Oka Ruto say "Abra Kadabra, Alakazam!" and teleport it home. 


it hung on a tree minding her own business for 15 years. then, a swarm of Beedrills came and started attacking the Kakunas and invading the tree. But a man with purple hair and wore a tag saying "HARUKA-KUN" chased the Beedrills away and threw a pokeball at Kakuna.

Haruka-kun took Kakuna home, where it saw a woman that seemed normal, and a young girl wearing a school uniform and had purple hair in drills. All went well as it sat on the table, when the woman fell to the floor and said "M-my heart is pounding! What's g-going on?!"



Haruka-kun aka kokona's dad

It is haruka-kun's only pokemon. It has to see the depressed man drink every day.

Kokona Haruka

Kokona is lonely all the time and kakuna understands. So it plays with Kokona when she's bored at home.

Oka Ruto

Sometimes Kakuna makes Oka say "abra kadabra, alakazam!" and teleport it somewhere.


"Kakuna, Kaku, Kakuna Kakuna."

-when seeing someone with blood on their clothes

"Kaku? Kaku Kakuna Ka Kakuna."

-when seeing someone insane

"Kakuna, Kaku."

-when seeing a lie on facebook

"Kakuna? Kaku, Kaku."

-when seeing a truth on facebook


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