Kagaya Kimasu
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation high
Club None
Age 18
Persona Social butterfly
Crush Aki Masu,Taikutsuna Otoko, Hana Sakimasu, Okub Yōna,Hei Kin, Fitton Esu, Dō seiai
Additional Info she is a bisexual deredere who loves everything cute and pink

Kagaya casual


She has a pink ponytail, pink eyes, pink bra and panties, and pink stockings she also has light yellow skin, a big bust and wide hips.


She loves her friends. She spends a lot of time with Aki because Aki is a huge pervert and she likes to be looked at. (No her boobs are not fake) She is very kind and compassionate. She has ADHD so she is hyper all the time. She absolutely LOVES cute things.


When she was young she was a child model and she loved the attention she would get. She revealed in it that she always wanted to go to a photoshoot the camera was made for her. Kagaya always looked up to Idols though and now she aspires to be one.


  • She has 2 siblings.
  • She can be a hypocrite.
  • She is bad at singing.


Kisekae code


she got a 13 on the mary sue limiters test
Kagaya swimsuit